Commercial Scaffolding in Shoreham

Commercial building projects are complex and therefore require a highly meticulous and diligent scaffolding approach. Ace Scaffolding has 10 years of experience delivering premium scaffolding solutions to commercial clients. With our scaffolding solutions, you are guaranteed safe, high-quality elevated working platforms for your commercial project. We are the go-to specialists for industry-grade scaffolding for commercial purposes in Shoreham, East Sussex.

Specialist design scaffolds

We are specialists when it comes to supplying scaffolding designs such as hanging scaffolds or support scaffolds for areas with access issues. You’ll get high performing, strong and safe scaffolding systems with Ace Scaffolding.

Our Guarantee

  • Over Six Years Experience
  • Unrivaled Experience
  • An Exceptional Service
  • Unbeatable Value For Money
  • Industry-approved Scaffolders
  • A Full Range of scaffolding Services
  • Professional, Reliable and Diligent
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction

Internal scaffolding

We offer wide-ranging internal scaffolding solutions for clients all over Shoreham. Our experienced in-house scaffolding experts use the latest techniques to erect scaffolding inside buildings. Why not reach out to us today for your project’s scaffolding needs?

Decorating access

Scaffolding provides a sturdy elevated work platform for painters and decorators to safely and easily complete work on high-rise structures. If you would like to find out how our scaffolding workers can assist you with your project, from decorating, painting to general maintenance and architectural inspection, please call us today. Our years of experience and team of dedicated scaffolders allow us to provide the ideal access solutions for your project’s needs.

Access scaffolding

During construction work, certain areas are difficult to access and work on. As one of the leading experts in the field, we at Ace Scaffolding are old-hands in erecting safe working platforms. We offer a broad range of scaffolding equipment and provide access scaffolding advice on request.

Trusted Scaffolding Service In Shoreham, East Sussex

If you need scaffolding for commercial property restoration, home redecoration or general construction work, you can trust Ace Scaffolding in Shoreham to deliver. We provide strong scaffolding suitable for commercial, construction projects. Our emergency response is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you would like more information on what we can deliver, please take a look at our list of services or visit the gallery if you would like to see photos of our previous projects.

Long-term scaffold hire

Our service delivery in Shoreham is flexible; if you need to dismantle the scaffolding earlier than planned, or leave it up longer, we can adjust our delivery to fit your needs. We have satisfied clients among Shoreham’s builders and roofers, completing work on lasting contracts. We can deliver quality scaffolding for long term and multiple projects.

Short-term scaffold hire

At Ace Scaffolding, we supply scaffolding for short term hire. We are willing to give you a free quote for on-site scaffolding and can offer you short-term contracts when you only require scaffolding for a limited period of time. Our scaffolding experts can handle whatever unique requirements you might have.

Scaffolding in construction

Are you facing challenges in your renovation, building project or construction, at Ace Scaffolding, we have the precise expertise and equipment to proffer the best solution.  Although we are in the scaffolding hire business, our major goal is to increase your profitability and performance, while ensuring total safety on your job site. You can discuss your scaffolding needs with our experts at any stage of your project. Call us today.

You are sure to get the scaffolding that you need to stay on track and remain safe. Our services are available to clients in and around Shoreham and along the A27. When you contact us, we will sit down with you where we will work with you to identify your scaffolding needs. Where necessary, we can customise the construction scaffolding to fit awkward or unusual jobs.

We can deliver aluminium scaffolding, internal scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, traditional scaffolding for work on high walls and ceilings, and scaffolding adapted for work on stairways. At Ace Scaffolding, we render professional, efficient, and reliable scaffolding services and we provide expert advice to ensure the smooth running of your project.

Ace Scaffolding Shoreham is a well-rounded scaffolding brand. It is also possible for you to have internal scaffold bridges and internal scaffolding staircases erected that fully connect to the outer and inner parts of a building, all from the scaffold.

Scaffolding supplies

We partner with a lot of local contractors, do tag checks and deliver safety scaffolding, for groundwork products and scaffolding supplies to scaffolding stillage and system scaffold. Our extensive array of high-quality scaffolding equipment can be hired online and our fast delivery options will ensure they reach you quickly. If you have specific requirements, there is always a scaffold expert on the ground to discuss a solution with you. With Ace Scaffolding Shoreham, you get everything you need in one place. We can supply, install, and dismantle the scaffolding platforms and towers once your project ends.

Your trusted scaffolding contractor in Shoreham

Ace Scaffolding scaffolders pay close attention to the details when installing scaffold systems; our structures are sturdy and safe, ensuring your project runs smoothly.

Scaffolding erection

Ace Scaffolding is your best bet for scaffolding installation and disassembling; we install mobile towers and aluminium scaffolding. Our rental service can be unlimited and we offer prompt disassembling after the rental period.

Scaffolding construction

Our more than XXX in the scaffolding industry means that we can deliver quality scaffolding for domestic and commercial projects anywhere in Shoreham.

We can help you get started if you have trouble figuring out your scaffolding needs. We prioritise safety on all our projects; which makes our premium services an excellent choice for your next project in Shoreham. Our team of expert scaffolders at Ace Scaffolding have the skills and resources to design and install scaffolding for any work environments.

However, to save you time and money, we make sure to properly understand your project needs to design a scaffolding solution that meets your needs. Our experts will ensure that the scaffolding is erected at the right height, the right place and time.

Access equipment

Ace Scaffolding provides several elevated access scaffolding options to handle the requirements of unique job projects in Shoreham. We provide a wide range of scaffolding equipment, provide custom access scaffolding and provide support services when required. We use birdcages as an effective method of providing complete access. We have got everything you need for scaffolding at Ace Scaffolding here in Shoreham.

Here Is What You Get, When You Work with Ace Scaffolding Shoreham

Quality scaffolding

Ace Scaffolding has been in the business of supplying top-quality access equipment to industrial, domestic and commercial clients in Shoreham, East Sussex, for over 10 years. We only use the highest grade of materials to ensure that our scaffolding solutions are a site match and surpass expectations. The design, assembly and disassembly of each scaffolding structure are carried out and supervised by industry trained and recognised scaffolders. We perform on-site inspections and evaluations before commencing installation on the worksite and after removing the scaffolding. Our main objective is delivering high-quality, cost-effective scaffolding systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers.


After more than 10 years of experience in the scaffolding industry, we are sure that we have the skills and resources to meet any specifications for scaffolding. We are one of Shoreham’s premier scaffolding contractors. This is reflected in our safe scaffold systems which can stand firmly on any surface including undulating or soft ground. Every one of our scaffolders is well-trained, with CITB and CISRS qualifications, while our management team have a combined experience of more than 90 years in the industry. We can install safe and durable elevated working platforms in inaccessible locations. Ace Scaffolding’s scaffolding structures are suitable for both residential and commercial projects. Need help quickly?

Competitive prices

We are one of the scaffolding industries premier contractors; delivering exceptional services throughout your project. Our prices are highly competitive regardless of project type or building structure. Call us today to get started.

Industry recognised standards

As one of Sussex’s leading scaffolding contractors, we constantly ensure that our in-house workforce stays abreast with the current regulations in health and safety. We combine this with skill improvement training including advanced CITB training. This means that we are current and up-to-date with scaffolding trends and industry updates. We believe the scaffolding solutions we provide are the best; we strive for nothing but the best.

Direct communication

We do not employ middlemen in any of our service delivery. Get the full picture of services we render at Ace Scaffolding. Visit the photo gallery on our website to view some of our completed projects, or call us on 01273 257 251 to discuss your project with an expert.

Our commercial scaffolding services

Scaffolding design and assembly

Ace Scaffolding is one of the leading scaffolding firms in Shoreham, East Sussex. We are experts when it comes to the installation, procurement and removal of scaffolding structures and machinery for industrial customers in Shoreham. We have more than 10 years of scaffolding industry experience and are completely insured for up to XXX million.

We complete our scaffolding work using qualified technicians to guarantee quality. Our scaffolding equipment at Ace Scaffolding is ideal for all types of commercial projects. At Ace Scaffolding, we leave nothing to chance. Every aspect of scaffolding assembly, disassembly, and maintenance is performed in-house, without outsourcing to contractors. We ensure that you get the best scaffolding possible.


Buildings undergoing refurbishment may need to be operational even while work is ongoing, this has made the erection of temporary roofs a frequent practice.  Our team of expert scaffolders have extensive experience in designing, installing, and disassembling temporary roofs; they can deliver customised temporary roofs that fit a wide range of buildings.

Please contact us if your ongoing project requires temporary roofing, or if you need help stabilising or repairing a collapsed roof or wall.  Our scaffolding experts will always be available to provide support.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Support scaffolding

Support scaffolding is erected from the base upwards to a pre-set design. A suspended or hanging scaffolding is supported from the roof or set at the back of the building and held by cables or ropes. Contact us today for support scaffolding designs completed by experts.

Emergency Shoring

Ace Scaffolding is an excellent choice for your temporary roofing, support work, and emergency shoring.

Staircase scaffolding

We support a wide range of flexible scaffolding solutions for staircases in commercial properties in the area. Our more popular options include structural supports, staircases, access platforms, and towers.

Edge projection and handrails

Ace Scaffolding is the leading expert for edge protection scaffolding and can deliver custom solutions for any construction project in the region.

Access walkways

Ace Scaffolding’s scaffolding team can handle all your scaffolding needs in Shoreham. We offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week, reliable and friendly service. We make use of AutoCAD for our designs and if you want, we can arrange a 3D walkthrough of your proposed scaffolding system.

Loading bays and gantries

For us at Ace Scaffolding Shoreham, no job is too small. Our expertise extends to the erection of scaffolding in bays and gantries.  We take every project seriously and work hard to deliver the best access service possible. We can deliver scaffolding for gantries and loading bays.

Hanging scaffolds

Hanging scaffolds are designed as adjustable suspension scaffold with a multipoint system made up of platforms supported by ropes through overhead support which enables the scaffolding platform to be lowered or raised to the preferred working heights. If this is the type of scaffolding solution that would work for your proposed project, Ace Scaffolding scaffolding can deliver it.

Health and safety policy

Safety standards

All Ace Scaffolding scaffolding solutions are fully certified and in line with regulatory standards. Our exemplary safety record reflects our core beliefs in strict health and safety policies.  We place a high value on client safety during scaffolding work by following industry regulations on health and safety. We have independent safety advisers who monitor our scaffold systems.

Rigorous checks on the structural integrity of the scaffold must be carried out to maintain the safety of the scaffolding.  We do this. We also take it a step further by adding tags to the scaffold that specifically state whether or not it is actually suitable for use. Ace Scaffolding’s scaffolding experts undergo training regularly, they take health and safety classes and are CISRS cardholders.

Health and safety

Scaffolding is a more customisable and safer option than a ladder. Scaffolding provides safe access for working on high-rise structures; it provides a sturdy base that helps reduce the fall risks. To make sure that the scaffolding stays stable and secure for the duration of the project, we inspect joins and stabilisers frequently and provide repairs where needed.

We put our clients’ health and safety at the forefront, including the public. That is why we make sure to keep up with all the updates and changes in the health and safety regulations for the scaffolding industry.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice

Work at height

We recognise the importance of staying safe while working at heights. Scaffolding frames are designed to fit many structures because they come in different sizes and types.  Galvanised scaffolding tubes can be between 5 to 21 feet while aluminium typically falls within the 20 feet range. We can deliver a wide range of sizes, offering next-day delivery within Shoreham.

Public liability

Our In-house team performs site surveys for each project before the scaffold is erected. In addition to this, we have public liability insurance worth up to XXX million pounds.


Ace Scaffolding uses qualified scaffolders to complete scaffolding work, and they are all CISRS cardholders. At Ace Scaffolding we have a strong commitment to growth, which is why we are members of the Construction Industry Training Body (CITB).

What is the cost of hiring scaffolding?

Hire rates

You can rely on us to provide affordable and reliable services if you need access equipment or scaffolding equipment rentals. We give our clients a free no-commitment quote on request, and we provide competitive pricing and expert advice to ensure safe project execution.

We are committed to our clients; we will work with you to identify the ideal scaffolding solution for your project. We will provide an accurate project quotation without adding any unnecessary expenses.

We have a division dedicated to contracting and have supplied scaffolding for a lot of local businesses, such as external wall insulation, roofers, property developers, construction companies and solar panel contractors. If you plan to start a construction project on commercial property, our competitive pricing and professional scaffolders will make sure your project runs smoothly without straining your budget. Reach out to us today for your design quotation, project cost breakdowns, and daily/weekly scaffolding hire rates. We can give you an initial price outline, and a detailed scaffolding price quotation after conducting a site survey.

Delivery rates

We know waiting for delivery can affect your project schedule. When you work with Ace Scaffolding Shoreham, you are guaranteed delivery of scaffolding services on time, regardless of size and structure. Our delivery rates will depend on volume and distance from our depots. Contact us today to get a cost estimate for scaffolding delivery. We are transparent with our pricing and will ensure you know all costs before we begin working with you on your commercial project.

Get in touch

Call us today for innovative scaffolding design, supply, and safety-oriented installation by professional scaffolders. Choose Ace Scaffolding today and enjoy the premium scaffolding experience. Our scaffolding team is available any day of the week; we fit our service delivery into your project’s schedule.

We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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