Suspended Scaffolding in Shoreham

At Ace Scaffolding, we offer affordable and expert suspended scaffolding systems including commercial, industrial, and domestic scaffolding services.  We have an experienced team of scaffolders who are skilled in the safe and secure design and installation of suspended scaffolding systems.

We offer quality scaffolding services in Shoreham on England’s South Coast. We can offer our services anywhere along the A27 road as well as anywhere in the entire Shoreham. Not only will you experience the all-round support of our experienced management team, but you’ll also find that our staff are scaffolding experts with CITB and CISRS qualifications. Call us today on 01273 257 251 to speak to our scaffolding experts.


Ace Scaffolding has been offering suspended scaffolding services to customers across various industries, from residential, to commercial and industrial in Shoreham. Our expert scaffolders strive for excellence on each project, big or small. Our professionalism and success have seen us consistently rank amongst the UK’s Top Scaffolding Firms, standing strong as experts in short-term and long-term scaffold hire, industrial scaffold service, fast-track construction and maintenance contracts. We are ever committed to providing professional services for your scaffolding needs in Shoreham and along the South Coast.


We use well-trained domestic scaffolders with years of valuable experience on wide-ranging scaffolding projects in Shoreham.  In domestic and small-scale jobs, we guarantee a smooth experience and complete project in time and on budget. Our team of scaffolders are ready to work together with other contractors to complete scaffolding work on domestic renovations and new builds.  Our skilled scaffolding workers make us in high demand amongst property developers and private homeowners looking to erect safe, fit for purpose suspended scaffold systems.

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We provide commercial scaffolding services to businesses in Shoreham as well as neighbouring counties. Our scaffolders can complete suspended scaffold systems for various commercial properties such as high-rise office and shopping complexes. Our suspended scaffolding structures are completely reliable and meet best-practice standards in the scaffolding industry. With a wealth of experience and expertise on our side, we guarantee our customers the utmost satisfaction with every scaffolding service we provide.


Our scaffolding professional team at Ace Scaffolding provide suspended scaffolding services to customers in the Shoreham industrial sector. We provide customised scaffolding function, solutions, and scaffolding access. We have a strong industrial customer base in Shoreham providing them with the best scaffolding service experience.

Do you need a private, commercial, or industrial scaffolding service in Shoreham? We have the expertise and experience to meet your needs. We provide quality scaffolding solutions on all our projects; we aim to provide the ideal scaffolding solution for our commercial and industrial clients.   Our scaffolding services cover clients in Shoreham’s utility and food industries.

Component Suspended Scaffold Features

Our scaffolding solutions include:

Fall Arrest Systems

Our services include fall arrest controls attached to a well-built anchorage system for scaffolding users in swing-stage frameworks. In addition, we can attach a travel restraint feature to a fixed-line in the cradle with high fall risk.

Load-limiting Devices

We provide a power-driven suspended scaffold with device-controlled hoists that limit the ultimate lifting power of the hoist. The device ensures that the hoist does not have a capacity that exceeds 1.2 times the hoist rating. We construct suspension architecture and cradle to support the stalling load the operating hoists place on it.  These load-limiting devices serve as a buffer against potential loss triggered by a cradle hitch.


On our cradles, we put clear markings on the WLL, and we can easily alter them according to your requirements.


Our trolleys have a strap equipped with overhead support or lower keeper plates to ensure that they stay in place and not fall away.


Why should you use Ace Scaffolding Shoreham?


We have 10 years of scaffolding experience and operate like a family unit using a team of well-trained scaffolders who remain dedicated to delivering premium scaffolding on all our projects. We take pride in the fact that we have been in the business for so long and have worked for several building contractors, construction companies, local councils and private individuals. Our scaffolding professionals’ combined expertise and speciality is a guarantee for our customers in the UK whether domestic, commercial or industrial. Our team of scaffolding experts comprises efficient individuals with CITB training, and are currently registered with CISRS. We make it a matter of our duty not to compromise our employee selection process.

This puts the minds of our customers at ease while we manage their scaffolding tasks. Our 10 years of combined experience gives us the technical knowledge to complete scaffolding work in Shoreham.

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Quality Scaffolding

At Ace Scaffolding, we have a stellar reputation for delivering premium scaffolding solutions, we are committed to expanding our bulk of relevant scaffolding experience. Over the past years, we have delivered unbeatable scaffolding solutions to our customers across sectors in the region. Our scaffolding services are premium, safe and can help speed up work on your project.

At Ace Scaffolding, we continue to provide quality scaffolding services including multipoint adjustable scaffolding, multi-level scaffolding, independent scaffolding, single-point adjustable scaffolding and other services in Shoreham. We are always available to offer our scaffolding expertise anywhere you are in the region. We look forward to partnering with clients on new projects; providing innovative scaffolding solutions, no matter your requirements.   For more than 10 years, we have provided the best possible service for scaffolding projects in various industries. For many well-known projects in the region, from the railway industry to buildings to airports, we have given scaffolding solutions. Our satisfied clients can testify to the quality of our scaffolding solutions.

As a well-known scaffolding business, we only provide high-quality suspended scaffolding, access solutions and hoists. We place a high priority on client satisfaction; we always strive to offer exceptional customer service alongside our quality scaffolding services. It is important to note that our management team are well established in the commercial scaffolding sector – providing services to well-known blue-chip companies – so you can rest assured that we can deliver quality scaffolding without any problems.

Competitive Prices

We use seasoned and certified scaffolders to offer premium scaffolding services while maintaining reasonable prices.  Please contact Ace Scaffolding, if you want the Shoreham suspended scaffolding to be fairly priced. At Ace Scaffolding, we are committed to improving the quality and safety of scaffolds without straining your budget. To this end, we employ CISRS-recognised scaffolding experts who can deliver affordable services without compromising the scaffold system’s safety.


Ace Scaffolding specialises in short and long term hire, scaffold safety, selling of conventional scaffolds, and roof protection for commercial and private uses. We are health and safety promoters; we consistently contribute to developing safety technology to make our scaffolding systems safer. Our professional scaffolding team can manage numerous scaffolding projects such as access scaffolds, scaffold handrails, edge protection, scaffold towers, high street scaffolds, chimney scaffolds, domestic and industrial scaffolds hire and lots more.


Over the last 10 years in Shoreham, we have become an important part of the scaffolding industry, which offers our customers high-quality access scaffolding in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors. Our customer base consists of contractors, architects, painters, builders, security firms and other business industries.

At any work site you want, we can provide you with quality access solutions, as we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to design and build complex work access scaffolding platforms. We can provide the ideal access tower design for your project. Place a call to us today to inquire about the solutions we offer for any type of access project you might have. We can assist with building projects, architectural inspections and renovation work. Our scaffolding experts use their considerable experience to give you the right access solutions.

The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS), Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and Construction Award Alliance (CAA) have assessed and approved Ace Scaffolding. We are among the biggest suppliers of access solutions, scaffolds and safety products in the United Kingdom.

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We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice


We maintain a cordial relationship with all our clients and various contractors on projects, ensuring that the scaffolding equipment satisfies the stakeholders before erecting the scaffolding. We always complete our scaffolding work to high standards. We place a high priority on the safety of personnel on our worksites which is why we use premium materials in our service delivery. Our fleet of vehicles can promptly deliver scaffolding materials and equipment without complications. Our clients always get safe access to the hard-to-reach-areas on a construction or renovation project.

Our expert and knowledgeable team focuses on providing our customers with quality, protection and security at all times. We deliver a customised service that in the industry is second to none. At Ace Scaffolding, we understand the importance of client satisfaction and how it affects business growth.  No wonder our clients engage our services and skills, again and again. Our range of services covers scaffolding for domestic, commercial and industrial projects.  We are always prepared to work on your project with you.


With Ace Scaffolding Shoreham, you can have peace of mind that you will get a well-erected suspended scaffold that meets statutory regulations. Our wealth of knowledge and experience in the scaffolding industry makes this possible. We totally comply with the latest TG20 regulations. Our scaffolding projects are subject to strict health and safety regulations which we strictly adhere to.

Safety Standards

Ace Scaffolding puts a high priority on our scaffolders’ safety, and we also consider the workmen who use the scaffolding and the general public. We have a team of scaffolders who are qualified and well-trained. We follow recent industry innovations alongside health and safety regulations. We believe that no scaffolding firm comes close to our commitment to providing efficient and safe scaffold erection and dismantling. We have some of the brightest scaffolding talents in Shoreham to handle your project.

Health and Safety

Our firm stance on health and safety includes an in-depth risk assessment system and method statement which guide our service delivery. We will enhance compliance with health and safety requirements through our Suspended Scaffolding Systems. We stay informed on the latest developments in the scaffolding industry and relevant health and safety regulations.  As a full-time member of the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), we remain committed to maintaining the best work standards in addition to meeting the stipulated health and safety standards.

Our track record of successful scaffolding projects in Shoreham is proof of our exceptional service delivery.  We can supply scaffolding systems for your domestic renovations in Shoreham. Our scaffolders have gained a reputation among our clients for creating safe work environments.

We have a license from the CITB and are certified to the highest standards of the industry for our scaffolders.  You can trust us to get the best scaffolding solution.  To provide you with great scaffolding solutions, we hire experienced and professional scaffolders.

Work Height

Decorators and painters require safe scaffolding systems to complete jobs on high-rise buildings.  We make sure our scaffolders install the scaffolding systems in the correct position and height to guarantee a safe working environment. We have solutions to safety issues at Ace Scaffolding when a worker or material has a risk of falling. Our vast supply of prevention and security systems is a ready-made resource for clients who work at high to reach areas. We are in charge of supplying Safe Netting, Guardrail and Staircase Access Solutions.  As a UK’s leading scaffolding company, we have the right equipment for your work in high areas for optimum protection and efficiency.

Our focus on safety helps us provide safe access platforms for working at height. Ace Scaffolding is the ideal choice for your scaffolding needs anywhere in Shoreham.

Public Liability

Ace Scaffolding has insurance worth XXX million against public liability claims. We still add safety netting on our worksite to help ensure the safety and health of our employees and the general public. In our many years of scaffolding operations, we have served countless industrial buildings with specialist access solutions while ensuring optimum protection for the employees and members of the public.

We value the safety of all project participants such as our scaffolders and your site workers, and the public. This motivates us to continue providing excellent scaffolding to local government councils and the public sector.


In the end, scaffolding costs are determined by the specifications of one project and the necessary degree of expertise. Other factors that can influence the cost are the duration of the scaffold, the technicality required for the scaffold installation and the scaffolding system. Want to find out more about our rates and pricing? We cannot wait for you to get in touch.

Hire Rates

Need a short-term, or low-cost long-term scaffold hire? Ace Scaffolding Shoreham is ready to offer you that without compromising on quality. We offer customised, budget-friendly scaffolding solutions on all projects, big or small.

Delivery Rates

We offer affordable rates for scaffold; giving our clients exceptional service delivery on all their projects. Our services include free quotations and access platforms delivered by a well-trained and dedicated scaffolding team. With our scaffolding technology, you can easily get accurate and swift quotations.  You never have to worry about inaccurate estimates.


Our reputation for excellence in Shoreham speaks volumes, you can call us today for more scaffolding information.  A member of staff is waiting to provide you with any information you might need. If we can’t get to you immediately, this is probably because we have several customers to attend- we will get back to you definitely. So, call us on 01273 257 251 for quality scaffolding for your next project.


What is suspended scaffolding?
Suspended scaffolds are platforms supported by flexible means such as ropes from overhanging structures. Its design provides lifting and lowering options during use. A suspended scaffold is also commonly referred to as ‘swing-stage’ scaffold or ‘suspended cradle’. They are usually fabricated beforehand, although they can be constructed from scaffolding.
What is a suspended platform?
Also known as suspended scaffolding, suspended platforms are fabricated height access systems. They provide maximum security for working on the entire surface of a building, allowing different workers to work on the side of a building simultaneously.
What is a two-point suspension scaffolding?
Two-point suspended scaffold – sometimes referred to as a ‘swing-stage’ scaffold – is the most common type of suspended scaffold. Suspended scaffolding is adaptable, flexible support such as ropes hold it in place by connecting it to clamps at both ends of the platform to enable work at height.
How does suspended scaffolding work?
The single-point adjustable scaffold is held up by one rope or cable from an overhanging structure, while the two-point or swing stage scaffold is suspended by two.
Why do we need scaffolds?
Scaffolds are temporary suspended platforms used during building construction to bear the weight of workers and equipment and provide secure access to the building’s elusive areas for maintenance or construction work.
How is scaffolding calculation done?
It is vital to understand the number of scaffold rows building projects need. To achieve this, you divide the total height of the scaffold by the height of a single section.  To get the number of scaffolding sections your building needs, multiply the number of scaffold columns by that of rows.
What is a Hanging Scaffold?
Hanging scaffolding is a makeshift platform that is rigidly held to an overhead building by a fixed-length without any support from underneath it. It’s different from suspension scaffolding since it hangs rigidly against the structure.
What is the cost of a scaffold?
Scaffolding costs for an entire wall can be quite high. For a single side scaffolding, the cost is about £XXX a week. You will likely pay £XXX. Call our scaffolding experts on 01273 257 251 to get an accurate quote today.
What is the maximum height possible for a scaffold?
The height limit for scaffolding is determined by a professional engineer because of the dangers involved. Placing the rails at the scaffold’s open sides helps to reduce the fall risks on the worksite.  The highest rail must rise 40 – 44-inches above the platform’s base. We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

We Are Also Available to Offer Scaffolding Related Advice Where Needed

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