Internal Scaffolding in Shoreham

Internal Scaffold Systems

Ace Scaffolding delivers industrial and commercial scaffold systems for several local construction projects.  For projects undertaken in locations that cannot be accessed by traditional ladders, we also provide internal scaffolding. Our internal scaffolds give workers safe access to complete construction or renovation work.  For new building construction, we supply birdcages to act as crash decks to reduce the risk of workmen or equipment falling into the structure.

Our seasoned scaffolders can install wide-ranging internal scaffold systems using modern scaffolding equipment and techniques. At Ace Scaffolding, we have a wide variety of scaffolding solutions at our disposal. We have completed internal scaffolding for various projects in the greater Shoreham area. We strive to deliver professional services from designing the internal scaffold to the installation phase.  We have installed scaffolding for several clients including leading multinational firms, government agencies, small business owners, decorators, and painters.

We understand that customer needs vary, which is why we provide bespoke scaffolding services. Our custom-made internal scaffolding solutions can be applied to any construction project. For repairs, redecoration, new construction, and other forms of building projects, our tailored scaffolding services are excellent. Our scaffold systems offer site workers safe access on high-rise projects.  Our service delivery is prompt and tailored to match your project requirements.


Our scaffolding services are delivered across a wide range of industries. You can contact us for your scaffolding needs, regardless of the project.


Our scaffolding services cover the domestic sector.  At Ace Scaffolding, when it comes to a large range of projects, we are your go-to. We are the choice scaffolding company for homeowners and other stakeholders in the domestic sector. We are renowned for both our affordable pricing and attention to detail. We offer support to domestic clients on DIY projects, home decorations and renovations, solar panel installation, rooftop work, gutters, access work, and fascia.


Ace Scaffolding is among Shoreham’s premier scaffolding contractors, our services include sales and installation of scaffold systems to wide-ranging commercial clients. For XX years, we have supplied premium access equipment to commercial clients in the greater Shoreham area.


Ace Scaffolding Shoreham provides all kinds of scaffolding service to industrial customers in Shoreham. We are a trusted and reliable company; this is why our industrial clients rely on our decade long knowledge and experience to carry out their industrial projects.

Component Features

  • The load-bearing foundation of the scaffold serves as a base plate or jack.
  • The standard is what connects the scaffold mass directly to the ground.
  • The ledger is a horizontal brace.
  • The transom is a horizontal cross-section load-carrying part containing the decking assembly, the board and the batten.
  • The part and a diagonal brace of the cross-section brace.
  • The board or batten decking component is used for the working platform.
  • The couplers are fittings that hold the components together.
  • The scaffold tie used to connect the scaffolds to the structures.
  • Brackets are used to extend the size of the working platform.

Benefits of Using Ace Scaffolding Shoreham Service

Experience High-Quality Scaffolding

We integrate our years of experience and expertise to provide our customers in Shoreham with high-quality scaffolding operations. Whether for exterior and interior use, repairs, installation, lighting equipment, staging and more, we have the professional scaffolding for your project needs. We use state of the art equipment to ensure the wellbeing of those that make use of our scaffolding. We bring all scaffolding materials to your site at your convenience using our capable vehicles. We cover nearly all places in the United Kingdom, so be rest assured that we deliver to locations other scaffolding companies are unable to deliver to.

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Affordable Pricing

At fair rates, we offer different scaffolding systems, including bridge scaffolds and internal access solutions. In Shoreham, we have moderately priced scaffolding for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.


Ace Scaffolding offers safety features on floor and roof edges with high fall risk for workmen and equipment.  Our scaffolding solutions mean that your project will be completed on time and within budget. Our protection allows work to continue regardless of the weather condition. We prioritise the safety of our scaffolders, the workmen, and the general public.


We have extensive experience in designing and erecting equipment and scaffolding for easy access. We have over 10 years of experience providing scaffolding in Shoreham and its environs. We have managed projects for a wide range of clients, from government contractors to private companies. We work on large- and small-scale projects such as complex construction and minor repair jobs.  We have a competent and experienced team of scaffolders that can handle any project.

Discuss your project plans with us and we will come to your project site to map out the appropriate scaffolding design that is suitable for your requirements. We conduct regular checks on our scaffolding equipment to ensure we deliver safe scaffold systems.  The safety of everyone associated with our projects is paramount to us. That is why we have both employee and public liability insurance for up to 10 million pounds.

Personalised Service

At Ace Scaffolding, we provide our clients at Shoreham with customized services. This sets us apart from other scaffolding companies. Our clients love us for our good work ethics, personalized design and the unique options we offer to our clients to help them achieve their requirements. Since we understand that clients are the lifeline to every company, we provide excellent customer service and support. Our major business comes as a result of referrals from our satisfied customers We have done so well that previous clients tend to refer us to friends and family that need scaffolding services. We provide premium scaffolding services and do not compromise on quality.

Say No to Downtime

With Ace Scaffolding, downtime becomes a thing of the past.  We are prepared to work all night long to ensure that your deadline is kept when meeting with the specifications of the project. Customer convenience is a priority to us, and we provide flexible scaffolding services. We have completed work for several commercial, domestic, and industrial clients. We deliver our solutions according to budget and on time. We provide high-quality service to our clients, and this has helped us to exceed expectations and endear us to them. As a result of our value-added operation, we receive repeated patronage from clients we have worked within the past.


We ensure that your project meets all the relevant safety regulations. As a company, we believe in playing by the rules. We stay abreast of all the latest trends and technologies in the scaffolding business using these improvements to give our clients good results. We are the preferred choice for many clients on projects in the greater Shoreham area.

Safety Standards

All our work is carried out according to the latest safety standards. We are trained and qualified professionals, which is why we make efforts to please our clients.

We go the extra mile to have the ideal service, efficient installation of scaffolds, complete support for the site, outstanding customer care, and complete compliance of safety measures. We ensure that the right equipment is used to assemble scaffolding safely and correctly. We make it our priority and see to it that everyone is safe.

To minimize the risks of injuries and incidents, we do whatever we can, and this has enabled us to build an enviable safety record in Shoreham. Every one of our workers is trained up to CITB and CISRS standards. We carry out all jobs according to recommended safety and health standards. In the Shoreham region, we are one of the most experienced and skilled scaffolding companies, delivering professional scaffolding to clients in the region.

Health and Safety

We are mindful of safety, and here in the Shoreham region, we plan to lift the level of health and safety. We believe that safety and health are paramount, and we uphold strict safety and health regulations on all our work sites. We provide after-hour services in full compliance with all safety and health regulations for the assembly of safety netting and scaffolding inside and outside premises like car parks, bus depots, factories, town centres, and retail shopping outlets. As safety-conscious scaffolding contractors, we make sure our scaffolders complete regular training on current health and safety legislation. As a result of our superb scaffolding services, site workers can work on any project knowing they are safe and secure. Our commitment to safety makes us an excellent choice for your next project in Shoreham.

Work Height

Thanks to years of experience and the insistence on best practices, we have a distinguished safety record. We have a rigorous standards policy on safety and health that prioritizes our clients. For all of our projects, we are committed and we set high expectations. There are a variety of residential, home, and industrial projects we can work on. With our temporary scaffold systems, workers can safely complete work on high-rise structures. These temporary scaffolding comply with health & safety standards and make it easier to fix and clean buildings conveniently. We have a dedicated, highly skilled staff, capable of managing all manner of scaffolding projects. Our workers have undergone NASC access and safety training along with first aid training at NUCO. Furthermore, they have SpanSet Height Safety training. These and many other training sessions mean we have some of the most competent people in the industry.

Public Liability

We have insurance covers of up to 10,000,000 for employer’s liability and 5,000,000 for public liability. We manage all of our work to monitor and minimize risks for our staff, vendors and all others interested in our solutions. We share with customers all the health and safety experiences and information and work closely with customers to maximize performance.


We provide affordable service, and we go to great lengths to provide quality service for all customers. We offer excellent support while keeping an eye on the special needs of all our customers.

Hire Rates

We offer competitive hire rates and delivery charges. We offer friendly, seamless, and flexible scaffolding solutions, always putting your needs at the forefront.  While holding costs at fair rates, we use the finest equipment.

Delivery Rates

Our scaffolding solutions cover scaffolding equipment delivery and installation; all done at affordable prices.


You can contact one of our expert scaffolders if you want work done on the interior or exterior of your building and you’ll see what we can do for you. Free feel to send us an e-mail or call us to inform us of the requirements of your project and we will discuss your proposal in detail with you. Your number one scaffolding company is Ace Scaffolding Shoreham and the quality and the type of jobs we do speaks for us.


What Are the Major Parts of Scaffolding?
There are three scaffolding components. They are transoms, ledgers and standards. A standard is a long pipe linking the scaffold mass to the ground. The standard is the scaffold’s length.
How tall is A Scaffold Section?
The principal components of a scaffolding system are the cross braces and the frames stacked and combined into larger scaffolds, aside from the guardrail system and the foundation plates. 5 ft. by 5 ft. is the most common size. Other frame sizes are available to you.
What Are Scaffolds Used For?
Scaffolds are used to move goods and to assist people while constructing or rebuilding various structures. A safe working area and easy access to working materials are provided by scaffolds.
How Long Does It Take to Erect Scaffold?
Scaffolding may take up to two hours, or up to two days depending on the structures.
What Materials Are Used for Scaffolding?
Till the early 1920s, wooden scaffolding was used. This has been replaced by steel tubing made of metal. The most popular scaffolding now is the metal scaffolding and they are the standard of the industry.
What Type of Scaffolding Is the Most Common?
Supported scaffolding is the preferred choice in the scaffolding business.  Built-up from the ground, supported scaffolding is quite different compared to suspended scaffolding.  It is safe and efficient; making it the popular choice for construction work.
What Is the Spacing Width Between Scaffolds Planking in Regular Conditions?
The common practice is that a limit of one inch is the distance between each scaffold plank. This differs only where wider spaces are required in specific cases. But the platform must be decked or planked as needed in such cases.
What is The Distance between a Building and A Scaffold?
Horizontal intervals from one end must not exceed 30ft (9.1m). Vertically, there should be a spacing 6.1m (20 ft.) or less for scaffolds that are less than 0.91m (3 ft.) wide.
How Far Must the Planking on The Working Floor of a Scaffold Overlap?
Tiebacks, if used, must be firmly secured to a chimney and installed at a 90° angle to the building’s face. For a carpenter bracket scaffold, the platform should have at least 2- by 9-inch planks which do not exceed 18-inches or not up to 6-inches beyond each end’s support.
What Safety Precautions Are Necessary for Scaffolds?
The electric power lines and scaffolds must be at least 10 feet away from each other. A safety hard hat should be worn to protect your head when you are under a scaffold. At all times, they must also wear protective shoes. Objects placed on the scaffolding must be removed at the close of each workday.
How Can Scaffolds Work Around Steeples, Chimney Stacks, And Buildings with Weird Architectures?
Scaffolding is more resilient than anyone understands. A specialist who knows a lot about scaffolding and how to apply it to productive use is what you need. Specialised scaffolding techniques may be used to enter the most complex and difficult location. Extra fittings and pieces can also be used to reach difficult areas.
What Happens if Scaffolding Damages Your Roof?
We have experienced scaffolders that can provide the highest quality scaffolding. We use best practices and are completely insured. We adhere to ethics, and we are professional in all our deeds. We are mindful of safety, and we inspect our facilities regularly. We are vigilant, and we watch out for risks to property and people.

We are always available to provide on-site assistance.  Watching their reaction to emergencies is arguably the most effective way of judging a company’s dedication to its clients.  When you use our facilities, things hardly go wrong, but we will completely cooperate with you if an issue arises. We’ll work with you to resolve and repair issues.

Must Scaffolding be used for Every Project or Ladders Work for Some Projects?
When working on high rise structures, scaffolding is a safer option compared to ladders. Platforms for scaffolding are more robust and are built to balance properly on the ground. Ladders can never be as reliable or as safe as scaffolds.

The workspace is limited by the slant of the ladder for places where ladders can be used safely, and you have a narrower working environment. Scaffolding is the ideal choice for cases like that.  Get in Touch With us for Your Scaffolding Hire Quotes

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